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Chief Instructor's Profile - SEAN BUCHANAN

Since training in the martial arts since 1985 when I was 18, I have had great exposure to many different styles and influences, predominantly the traditional Japanese styles. In 1988 when I joined the Army, through different job locations and world travel, I have been fortunate enough to either trained in, or watched many different styles. Most importantly I have come across a great number of different martial artists, all with their own stories to tell. Due to the Army I have had to train in different styles, always starting back at the beginning and working my way up the ranks. I didn't mind starting again each time, as each teacher and club had something to offer from even the first lesson.

I left the Army in 1998 and began teaching full-time as an instructor in Tang Soo Do. The next 2 years was the most important time in my training as a teacher. Fortunately I learnt much, more so from my own mistakes in teaching and I always remembered that mistakes are only part of human nature, but once made, learn from them, don't dwell on them and move on!

I started Traditional Korean Karate Academy as my business, in April 1, 2000. TKKA is a welcoming school, where there is an atmosphere geared toward the family and camaraderie between all students. Nearly all of the new students hear about TKKA through their friends, relatives and through school programs. In QLD, we have schools in Narangba/North Lakes and Chermside West. Together TKKA has over 200 students.

I would hope that however I teach, it shows in my students, in their own improvement as martial artists, friends, family and community members. All classes at TKKA are geared towards age differences and ranking requirements.

I do believe that once of the most important aspects of Tang Soo Do training is to teach the need for all of us to take personal responsibility, to admit your mistakes, learn how to correct them and move on with your life. It is hugely rewarding to see all children, teenagers and adults, become more confident, positive and most importantly, more caring and respectful towards others.

One of the highlights of my training was to accompany a delegation of TANG SOO DO Black belts on a cultural exchange visit to China and Korea in 2001. It was a very memorable experience to visit the Shaolin Temple, Chinese martial art schools and to trace the history of Tang Soo Do through Korea!

Personal development is the very core of our martial arts training, in all aspects of life, family, friends, work and your own happiness and success. I trust that TANG SOO DO will help you in your life journey. Its hard work, but worth it! You'll meet new friends, accept new challenges and triumph!

Sean Buchanan

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