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Class Structure : 5-8 years

The development and progress of children in martial arts is vastly different to that of teenagers and adults.

Children's classes require a distraction free environment where varying methods of teaching provide an optimum learning outcome. These methods include the use of music; karate skill based games as well as a positive reward system for good behavior, effort and enthusiasm.

The many benefits of our children's programs include improved focus and concentration, self-discipline and self-control, confidence and self-esteem, gross and fine motor skills and auditory processing enhancement.

These benefits combined with the respect, discipline and protocol delivered in our classes have proven to be a positive and effective influence in the development of young children.

Children attend 2 classes per week which gives them a sense of routine and also allows them to learn sequences of techniques through the repetitive learning process.

Class Structure : 9-12 years

In today's society it is becoming increasingly more difficult for our children to make the transition from child, to teenager, to adult, without succumbing to the numerous outside pressures and influences.

This program provides a morally strong and stable environment where young people learn a true sense of respect for themselves and others.

Through the physical training and mental development that Tang Soo Do offers, our students are encouraged to make healthy choices in all aspects of their lives.

Some of the many benefits this program offers are:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased self-control and focus
  • Improved listening skills
  • Increased willingness to tackle difficult tasks
  • Become a more assertive person
  • Willingness to take responsibility for actions
  • Improved attitude towards others
  • The ability to deal with bullying in both passive and if need be, active ways
  • An awareness of "Child Protection". Techniques and strategies to deal with adults who may try to harm children.

Let our professional instructors provide your children with the opportunities and guidance to becoming the best that they can be!

We have a son and daughter that have been training with Sean at TKKA now for 6 years. Our son started as a very shy quiet boy at age 6, within 3 months of training we noticed an incredible change to his confidence. Our shy quiet boy was becoming more outgoing with other kids which blew us away. Our daughter started when she was 5, she was a fidgety little girl who was more interested in what was going on around her than what she should be doing. Again after 3 months noticeable changes with her behaviour - incredible.
Choosing TKKA has certainly been the best decision we've made for our kids. It's not just about fitness, Sean has been nothing but a positive role model in terms of discipline, self-control and self-confidence. We have pretty amazing kids and TKKA has played a part in that for nearly half of their lives.
I would without a doubt recommend TKKA for your kids.

Class Structure : High School - Adults

Our High School - Adults program offers numerous benefits to men and women from all walks of life. The instructors at the academy are qualified in guiding you on your own personal journey taking into account everybody's individuals needs.

The growth and development achieved through the physical training together with the mental and emotional discipline is a most rewarding combination.

All classes are age specific with the adult starting at 13 years. You are guaranteed a professional environment without the distraction of children to interrupt your learning progress.

Students are encouraged to leave their troubles and stresses at the door on arrival. Once you enter the training hall, your mind should be focused on your learning of techniques and patterns leaving you no time to focus on any negative influences that you may be dealing with either at work or at home.

We have found regular attendance assists adult members greatly in their personal and work lives. Over a period of time you will find yourself able to deal with stressful or conflict situations with a clear mind.

"My wife and I started Tang Soo Do at the TKKA at North Lakes several months ago. Since this time we have both already noticed a huge difference in our energy levels and confidence. The instructiuon is challenging but achievable and the separation of classes by age and skill level really helped us maximize our learning in the positive environment suited to our personal skills and abilities." Liam Yeates

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